IDA Token
IDA Token—The Asset Digitization Platform
The IDA Token will use the Ethereum ERC20 token standard, with the full name of International Digital Asset, which will display as "IDA token" on the main site.
Introduction to the IDA Token
The IDA Asset Digitization Ecosystem, will drive growth of the real economy, through an innovative asset digitization business model combining blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, data-driven financing, and mobile robots. The IDA platform enables the true assetization of data, with enhanced digital ownership on rights to blockchain, while increasing the connectivity and circulation of real assets, to create an "internet of everything" and promote growth in the real economy. The IDA platform provides an enterprise asset digitization solution and functionality, to build a thriving ecosystem to exchange all qualified real assets.
Accessing the platform
  1. Purchase IDA tokens through a supporting exchange
  2. Get tokens by participating in private fundraising
  3. Earn token rewards by joining the IDA founding circle
  4. Redeem IDA tokens with Material Resource Tokens (MRT)
  5. Additional methods to come
Token benefits
  1. The IDA token is the only means of settlement on the IDA platform, so demand and value will grow with increased exchange volume and active users on the platform.
  2. As additional real assets anchored to MRT on the platform increase, the increased circulation will raise the value of the IDA token.
  3. Once the IDA site is live,supernodes and supporting nodes will be awarded IDA tokens for mining.