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Digitize real assets on the IDA platform, join a thriving business ecosystem


Global Economic Significance
At present, financial capital remains the primary driver of global economic growth, but this paradigm will be overtaken by the maturing digital economy. Digital assets will become the new driver of economic growth in this digitized network connected through blockchain, IoT, AI, and big data.


Optimal for Enterprises
This novel financing platform will optimize the allocation of resources by increasing the circulation of goods, and helping small and medium enterprises (SMEs) connect to financial and global markets. It will also help SMEs overcome common barriers to growth, including: inadequate financing, contracting markets and low asset liquidity.


Industry Impact
The IDA platform offers an effective channel to digitize assets, substantially reducing transaction costs, while providing a highly reliable system of credit. Thus creating a novel economic model to support the growth of small and medium enterprises.


Opportunities for Ecosystem Participants
The AI-powered blockchain solution at the core of the IDA platform offers participants a service enriched ecosystem for digitizing assets. As the volume of participants, assets and equity on the platform grows, the network value of the IDA ecosystem and the scope of opportunities for businesses to collaborate, will continue to increase.



2018 June

  • Laos timber assets enter the IDA ecosystem
  • IDA and MATRIX kick off joint development of the IDA asset digitization public blockchain
  • Sigfox provides IDA with global IoT technology solutions

2018 July

  • IDA White Paper 1.5 released in Chinese, English and Korean
  • Start building the global community

2018 August

  • Global roadshow
  • Complete token sale for establishing the Foundation

2018 September

  • Anticipate expansion of global asset holders
  • Complete initial pledge of assets

2018 October

  • Establish the basecamp for Southeast Asian Timber

2018 November

  • Develop the IDA public chain
  • Internet of Things infrastructure

2018 December

  • IDA online entrepreneur portal

2019 January

  • Launch the IDA blockchain research project

2019 February

  • Launch the IDA digital media project

2019 March

  • Complete the IDA public blockchain
  • Laos timber assets on the blockchain

2019 April

  • Completion of the IDA platform

2019 May

  • Development of VR/AR system

2019 June

  • Build the MRT marketplace
  • Establish East Asian Herbal Medicine
  • Release of the cross-chain digital wallet

2019 July

  • Anticipate circulation of digitized assets tied to MRT entering the IDA ecosystem
  • Anticipate 1-2 additional rare resource projects entering the IDA ecosystem

2019 August

  • Completion of the VR/AR system

2019 September

  • Anticipate high-value digitized enterprise equities tied to MRT entering the IDA ecosystem
  • The New Commercial Asset Economy Forum

2019 October

  • Anticipate to expand the system for commercial assets tied to MRT to include tangible goods, liquid assets, and equities.

2019 November

  • Global expansion for the IDA digital asset ecosystem

Token Allocation

Investment Fund
Angel and private equity investors
Research additional technologies
Expand the IDA ecosystem
Community building
Recruit team members

IDA Videos

Introduction to IDA
Genesis of the Ecosystem


Our Team

IDA Founder

He has over ten years executive management experience in finance. He has managed over one billion dollars in investments, with experience in investment banking, traditional finance, supply chain finance, and financing internet companies.

He is database management expert for the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (MOHRSS) at the PRC.

Expert in International Finance.

Senior Manager of International Investments.

Founder and CEO
Arthur He

General Manager of Overseas Development

Li holds a degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He has 8 years of overseas experience in investment and managed corporate acquisitions valued at over ¥10 billion.Li is active in developing Belt and Road Initiatives, leading financing for multiple national investment projects. He has over five years of overseas project management experience, working on government projects throughout Southeast Asia where he established strong connections with official channels.

Co-Founder and CMO
Lee Li

Wang has six years of experience as a member of the Office of Mediation on Belt and Road Initiative projects, and has a strong track record of working in investments and capital markets. Wang also served as the chief legal advisor to more than 10 companies listed on the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges.

Wang is a globally recognized international lawyer. He led 10 investment acquisition projects valued at more than ¥100 billion, including the asset securitization of ABS engineering designs and participated in IPO guidance for numerous companies.

Co-Founder and CLO
Walter Wang

Chief Network ArchitectHuai holds dual degrees in engineering and literature. He was the core technology developer behind witee.io and founder of the Hello Token community.

Huai is the founder of Xi’an Ethereum Web Technologies Ltd. He is a smart contract researcher at the Zhizi Xinxi company in Taiwan. Huai is also a technology partner at Token Book and a project advisor for Community Chain.

Chief Network Architect
Blunt Huai


Doctor Saisongkang was the former Provincial Governor of Bolikhamxai, Laos. He was also the former Provincial Delegate Secretary for the tenth gathering of the Laos People’s Revolutionary Party and the former Department Head of the Laos Bolikhamxai Provincial Assembly.

Gongqiao Saisongkang

Niu is the Managing Director of China Growth Capital and CEO of China Growth Data. Niu holds a MBA in Finance from the Central University of Finance and Economics.

Niu is a pioneer in blockchain investment, with more than 20 years in financial investment. He has rich experience in global asset allocation, as well as deep mastery of investment theory and management of U.S. stocks, A-shares, HKEx, options, derivatives, and digital assets.

Niu is seasoned in overseas M&A, fund management, and asset exchange. He participated in the acquisition of American companies, including OmniVision, Montage Technology, and Akrion, leveraging his experience in the semiconductor industry.

Niu Junling

Ma holds a Ph.D. in Education, as well as degrees in Medicine and Management. He is an Investment Partner at the Wayne Meike Equity Investment Fund Management Company. He is also a secretary and board certified member of the China Securities Regulatory Commission.

Ma was awarded as the “Most Promising Young Investor” of 2016 by the Zhongguancun Equity Investment Association. Ma was a national finalist in the 2017 Chinese Innovative Entrepreneurship Competition in the biopharmaceutical field. Ma was also awarded “Outstanding Young Investor”in Traditional Chinese Medicine by the Zhongguancun Equity Investment Association.

Jared Ma

Luo holds a degree from Hejun Business School at Northcentral University. He is a Graduate Advisor in the Accounting Research Center at Chongging Commercial University.

Luo is an executive board member at ISeeSCM. He has former experience in research institutions and the military before he transitioned to finance and investment banking.

Luo holds two national patents for combining scientific research and operational management. He has conducted negotiations with over 30 publicly listed Chinese companies, and five publicly listed Hong Kong companies. Luo leads investment operations in 10 companies and is currently leading supply chain investment and management for a company listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

Clark Luo

Yan holds a master’s degree in Intelligent Electrical Components from Nankai University. He is the Senior Director of Global Ecosystem Supply Chain, and Strategic Product Development for Greater China, at Sigfox.

Yan has extensive experience in the field of Internet of Things and is responsible for expanding operations globally. Sigfox is the most mature international provider of advanced narrowband applications over the world’s largest network. Yan was formerly the Global Advisor of Automotive, Industry, and Sensor Technologies for the Southeast Asian sensor team at the Bosch Group in Germany. Yan was also the Director of Business Development, leading developments in a number of cutting-edge partnerships.

Yanick YAN

Dongmei Han, Chairwoman of Huamulan(Beijing) Investment Management Co. Ltd. and Chairwoman of Biquan Canada. Han founded the first female-driven localized fund—“Huamulan Fund” and hosted the first Women’s Economic Impact Forum, expanding entrepreneurial opportunities for female entrepreneurs in business, real estate, healthcare, modern agriculture, franchises, culture industries, and environmental protection. She was the chairwoman of the alumni association of Peking University HSBC Business School which consists of over 20,000 influential global entrepreneurs and industry leaders.

Dongmei Han

Former General Director of Human Resources at Lenovo Group General Manager of Beijing Huifengzhuozhong Investment Management Co Ltd.

Meijuan Feng

Kaiye Fan, Founder of Hantuo Cloud Chain。 Partner at MATRIX Digital Economy Research, Executive chairman of Linda Holdings, Chairman of Agriculture, and Adjunct Professor at the Jinling College at Nanjing University. Fan focuses on digital transformation for industry, industrial finance, and blockchain. He authored Social Media Customer Relationship Management, the Fan-driven Economy, Realizing 02O Strategies, and Token Model Canvas.

Kaiye Fan

Vice Presidient of State Street Global Advisors and International Chartered Financial Analyst. State Street is a top 3 global investment company and the top asset management company in the word, managing trust funds valued at 21.8 trillion USD.

Jie Qin
Ecosystem Builders